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Meet the Team

Below you will find SC CCR&R's staff and coaches. Together we work to increase accessibility to and frequency of quality, affordable child care in the state of South Carolina.


Melissa McDonald

Director & Principal Investigator

Tara Judge

Business Manager

Holly Barnett-Starrett

Information Systems & Technical Support Coordinator

Ella McKinney

Administrative Assistant


Aimee Dubé-Weller

Homeless Support & Family Referral Coordinator

Taylor Mack

Family Referral Specialist

Keila Reyes Lopes

Dual Language Learner Family Referral Specialist


Linda Caraway-Doherty, M.Ed.

Community Engagement Manager

Darlene Faucette, M.Ed.

Training Coach

Zoë Murrie

Communications Coordinator

Position to be Filled

Outreach Specialist


Tresa Nelson, M.Ed.

Program Manager- Compliance and Family Child Care Teams

Monica Akers-Bellamy, M.Ed

Team Lead & Coach, Family Child Care Team

Jenn Adams

Coach, Family Child Care Team: PeeDee

Tammy Penner M.Ed.

Coach, Family Child Care Team: Upstate

Heather Reyes, M.Ed.

Coach, Family Child Care Team: The Midlands

Teneshia Slempa

Coach, Family Child Care Team: The Lowcountry

Leslie Terry, M.Ed.

Team Lead & Coach, Compliance Team

Jehan Badawi

Coach, Compliance Team

Kimberly Draughn

Coach, Compliance Team

Tunisiann Howard, M.S.

Coach, Compliance Team

Bonnye Hughes Peebles, M.Ed.

Coach, Compliance Team

Julia Laporte, M.Ed.

Coach, Compliance Team

Alison McDowell

Coach, Compliance Team

Monica Stukes, Ph.D.

Coach, Compliance Team

Cassandra Young-Carter, M.B.A.

Coach, Compliance Team

Samantha Janicki, M.Ed.

Program Manager- Quality Team & Business Support Team

Kimberly Sowell, M.A.

Team Lead & Coach, Quality Team

Joy Huyck-Oswald

Dual Language Coach, Quality Team

Elizabeth Cutaia, M.Ed.

Coach, Quality Team

Stephanie Glasser-Alfieri, M.Ed.

Coach, Quality Team

Stephanie Heyward M.Ed.

Coach, Quality Team

Sherry Ly Ching Chen King, M.M.

Coach, Quality Team

Taneisha Knox, M.S.

Coach, Quality Team

Kimberly McCullough

Coach, Quality Team

Christian Stevens

Coach, Quality Team

Manija Torian

Coach, Quality Team

Position to be Filled

Business Support Team Lead & Coach