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Dual Language Learning Resources

SC CCR&R is proud to offer resources to the Latin community through our Dual Language Learner Quality Coach, Joy Huyck-Oswald.

We recently hired a second position in DLL! The DLL Family Referral Specialist Keila Reyes-Lopes will provide oversight and management of the collection of information on child care programs to provide child care referrals and resources to dual language families contacting SC CCR&R. 

The DLL Coach assists Spanish-speaking families in South Carolina by helping them find affordable child care. They also act as a liaison between families and providers to help enroll children from Latin families into high-quality programs. Solicitud para Ayuda con el Cuidado Infantil (Español)

To ensure higher cultural competency and better Spanish language skills, the DLL Coach offers training throughout the year to providers. This training includes elementary Spanish courses, mediating relationships with Spanish-speaking families, welcoming bilingual learners into your classroom, and more.

A Conversation on Bilingualism

SC CCR&R Dual Language Learner (DLL) Quality Coach Joy Huyck sat down with the DLL Research Group and University of South Carolina (USC) professor Eurydice Bauer for a conversation on why bilingualism matters in early care settings. Find the videos with Spanish and English subtitles below. 

Eurydice Bauer is the John E. Swearingen Chair of Education and Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at USC. Bauer teaches courses in literacy. Her research focuses on the literacy development, instruction, and assessment of students (preschool-grade 5) from diverse linguistic, economic, and cultural backgrounds, with a specific focus on bilingual literacy. She is the director of Bilingualism Matters at USC. Currently, Bauer is interested in understanding how the benefits of bilingualism can be leveraged to better support low-income students’ learning. 

Videos with English & Spanish Subtitles

View the conversation with Joy Huyck and Eurydice Bauer with Spanish subtitles.


View the conversation with Joy Huyck and Eurydice Bauer with English subtitles.